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Fourchette de prix

X1 = entre 2 500 et 3 500 Euros TTC

X2 = entre 3 500 et 5 000 Euros TTC

X3 = entre 5 000 et 7 000 Euros TTC

X4= supérieur à 7 000 Euros TTC

Reservation foal/filly

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When booking, we require a deposit of 30% of the price of the foal. The balance of the payment must be made before or at the time of the foal's departure. Before the foal's departure: we can spread out monthly or split into several payments.

Our foals must be reserved and will be available after weaning. Our foals are sold with: - SIRE identification booklet in pure breed QH or PH - SIRE registration card (allowing the transfer of the new owner to France) - AQHA or APHA “Transfer Report” (allowing the transfer of the new owner to the USA) - Copy of panel tests, or details of the negative by parentage - Up-to-date deworming - Up to date trimming - A booklet with all their documents and history since their birth - An invoice with VAT - A sales contract which guarantees the transfer of ownership and the transfer of risks. No surprises after purchase, the guarantee of a healthy and educated horse. My goal is not to sell you a foal but YOUR foal.

We can take your foal, find out more, contact me

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